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just finished the divergent series, rereading the harry potter series once again
ahs: asylum, supernatural s9


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Give me thunder, give me lightning, 
And I will give you every part of me. 
Take me dancing, get me fucked up, 
Play that old guitar and we will sing.


Happy Birthday, Zachary Merrick!

Fall out boy members part 3/4

   ↳  Patrick Stump - Vocalist, Guitarist 

teenage-jalex: (for the weird question thingy *ID NEVER ACTUALLY WANT TO KNOW OKAY THIS IS JUST FOR THE WEIRD QUESTION THINGY THING I AM NOT THIS CREEPY OKAY* ) would you shave your vagina then pour macaroni and cheese all over yourself then go streaking and then have sex covered in macaroni and cheese

(ahahah it’s okay !!)

and no probs not, ahah I love mac & cheese but that’s just a bit far, hah nice try though !

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i relate to this on an emotional level




Zack’s new tattoo is bangin’

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Zack Birthday Countdown [0 days to go] - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK MERRICK!

"The Sky's the limit.Sctrach that you set your limitations, the mind an the body can do much more that anyone thinks or believes. So when you wake up tomorrow, forget your limits because you can always do better."


Last night at the concert, Jack was sitting on a riser and looking up at Alex so Alex stopped playing his guitar, looked down at Jack, and slowly placed his pick on Jacks forehead. It stuck to Jacks sweaty forehead and Jack just kinda frowned and shook it off him and it went fuckin flying into Rian’s drum-set it was the most adorable thing

its-all-in-the-music: what color is you discharge

oh man there isn’t really any ? ahah but nice try love !

send me an awkward/personal question and if I can’t answer it you’ll win a promo to 6.7+k !!

make me choose:

ohpreciado asked: alex or vic ( x )

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King For A Day- Pierce The Veil [video credit]